It’s Official!

Welcome to the new site for “The Don” Award for Best Produced Independent Feature Screenplay at the CFI Film Festival in Wilmington, NC.  We’re excited to be adding this award for many reasons.  Here are two very important ones:

1. This will be the first time CFI has had an award for Best Screenplay.  The Screenplay IS the story.  It’s the magical blueprint that enables the production team, talent, and audience to share the magic.

2. This award is in loving memory of someone who has inspired many people, including and especially his loving family.  We are honored to have an outlet to share his work, his encouragement, and his life with all of you.

Special thanks to his family and friends who have supported this award, and allowed us continued participation in his remarkable life and success.

We love you, Don, and miss you very much.  Thank you for supporting the little guys, and encouraging us to keep writing.

More news to come as we near the 1st submission deadline for 2014!  Stay tuned…