How to compete for “The Don”

The_Don_Award_Logo SUBMISSIONS FOR “THE DON” AWARD 2016 ARE NOW OPEN!  Get those feature scripts finished and produced for the 2016 competition!

FILMMAKERS:  “How do I qualify my screenplay for this wonderful award?”

ANSWER:  Your screenplay must meet certain criteria.

FILMMAKERS:  “What on earth is the criteria?”


1. Your screenplay must have been produced independently of studio backing as a finished FEATURE-length film after January 2012, must not currently hold a studio option, and the finished film must meet all criteria set by the CFIFF rules and regulations.

Addition to #1: Screenplay must be written in English. At this time, we do not have a multilingual staff of Readers. Sorry. We’ll work on this over the years.

2. The filmmaker must submit the feature film for “Best Feature” competition at the Cape Fear Independent Film Fest 2015 (Wilmington, NC), along with the polished screenplay, and applicable fees.

3. Accepted genres = ALL (but, we do get excited about great comedy and sci fi !)

4. If your feature film is competing for “Best Feature” nomination, and you’ve included your screenplay to compete for “The Don”, here’s what will happen next:

a).  Your screenplay will be read by our panel judges, and scored on originality of story, structure and format, and dialogue (extremely important to have great dialogue and short, but precise scene description!).

b). The top 3 screenplays, scored by our panel judges, will then be read by our special Guest Judges in L.A. (TBD)

c). The winner will receive the wonderful “The Don” Award for Best Produced Independent Feature Screenplay 20__!!!  (break out the bubbly!)

So, in short, here are the steps you must take…  Write an amazing feature screenplay of 80-110 pages, get it produced independently (no studio films accepted!), submit the film to CFIFF along with the screenplay, pay the applicable fees for entry and competition, and get your film accepted!

FILMMAKERS:  “Is it really that simple to have a shot at this wonderful award named after a successful writer whose credits include The Simpsons and both Thor movies?”

ANSWER:  Hellz to the yeaz.   Good luck and great writing!

If it’s still not clear, send a brief and ‘to the point’ message here:

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